Caramel Hot Chocolate

All Natural Hot Chocolate with cocoa, vanilla, almond and cinnamon with a hint of caramel fragrance and taste. Contains Tree Nuts and Dairy. Stir well for best results.

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All Natural Hot Chocolate with Caramel – A Sweetly Soothing Sensation

A Caramel Caress in Every Cup

Butler Coffee Lab is delighted to offer our All Natural Hot Chocolate with Caramel, a blend that wraps the classic comfort of hot chocolate with the sweet embrace of caramel. This exquisite creation combines rich cocoa, soothing vanilla, almond, and a hint of cinnamon, all harmoniously intertwined with a delicate caramel fragrance and taste.

Sweet Caramel Harmony

Our hot chocolate is an ode to the sweet, buttery allure of caramel. Each sip delivers a smooth, caramel-infused experience, perfectly balancing the depth of cocoa with the lightness of caramel, creating a soothing, indulgent treat.

Crafted with Natural Goodness

We believe in the purity of natural ingredients. That’s why our hot chocolate includes real dairy and tree nuts, ensuring a high-quality, authentic flavor in every cup. It’s a commitment to excellence that you can taste and trust.

Stir to Unveil the Magic

For the ultimate hot chocolate experience, we recommend stirring well. This simple yet essential step allows all the flavors – cocoa, vanilla, almond, cinnamon, and caramel – to meld beautifully, ensuring a rich, full-bodied taste.

A Comforting Companion

Our All Natural Hot Chocolate with Caramel is more than just a beverage; it’s a comforting companion, perfect for those moments when you need a sweet escape. Whether it’s a cozy night in or a quiet morning, this hot chocolate is sure to warm your heart.

Join Our Mission with Every Sip

Choosing our hot chocolate not only gives you a moment of sweetness but also supports our mission at Butler Coffee Lab. We are committed to employing individuals with disabilities, including disabled veterans, making each cup a contribution to a noble cause.

Indulge in the comforting sweetness of our All Natural Hot Chocolate with Caramel. It’s not just a drink; it’s a caramel-kissed escape, lovingly crafted for your enjoyment and for a greater good.

Additional information

Bulk Ingriedient

25g Hot Chocolate

Additive Ingridient - 1

2g Caramel

Additive Ingridient - 2

.25g Xanthan Gum