Dark Espresso Coffee w/ Pepper

Dark Espresso is a dark roast espresso to create amazing crema. The smooth flavors come together to create a user-friendly espresso. This espresso pairs well with milk and chocolate to be featured as your gourmet espresso. It also works well with any other preparation. We have added .15 grams of Carolina Reaper pepper to add spice to the taste buds.

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Introducing Dark Espresso – A Captivating Dark Roast Espresso with Incredible Crema

Experience the allure of our Dark Espresso, a captivating dark roast blend specially crafted for creating amazing crema. This espresso is designed to deliver a user-friendly experience with its smooth flavors, making it a perfect choice for coffee enthusiasts of all levels. It pairs exceptionally well with milk and chocolate, elevating it to gourmet status. Additionally, it harmonizes beautifully with any other preparation. For a touch of spice, we have added .15 grams of Carolina Reaper pepper, igniting the taste buds with a fiery kick.

Bold and Flavorful

Immerse yourself in the richness of our Dark Espresso, expertly roasted to perfection. This dark roast blend captivates with its deep flavors, creating a full-bodied espresso that satisfies with every sip. The carefully selected beans are meticulously roasted to unlock their inherent complexities, resulting in a harmonious and unforgettable taste experience.

Unleash the Crema

One of the hallmarks of our Dark Espresso is the incredible crema it produces. The dark roast profile, combined with the high-quality beans, creates a luxurious layer of crema that crowns each shot. Indulge in the velvety texture and aromatic goodness that make this espresso truly exceptional.

Versatility and Gourmet Pairings

Dark Espresso is a versatile espresso that pairs exquisitely with milk and chocolate, enhancing their flavors and creating a gourmet experience. Whether you’re crafting a latte, cappuccino, or mocha, this espresso delivers a smooth and well-rounded taste. Additionally, its bold character complements other preparations, allowing you to explore a wide range of creative coffee creations.

A Fiery Kick

For those seeking a touch of spice, our Dark Espresso features a hint of .15 grams of Carolina Reaper pepper. This fiery addition ignites the taste buds, adding a bold and exciting element to the espresso. Brace yourself for a unique and memorable flavor experience that combines heat with the rich complexities of the dark roast.

Crafted for Excellence

At Butler Coffee Lab, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional coffee experiences. Our Dark Espresso is crafted with precision, from the selection of premium beans to the expert roasting process. Each step is carefully executed to ensure a coffee that exceeds expectations and provides pure satisfaction with every cup.

Unleash the Boldness

Experience the captivating allure of Dark Espresso from Butler Coffee Lab. Let its dark and robust flavors envelop your senses, while the incredible crema elevates your coffee ritual. Savor the versatility, gourmet pairings, and the fiery kick of the Carolina Reaper pepper that sets this espresso apart.

Satisfy your coffee cravings with the rich and captivating Dark Espresso, where exceptional flavors and stunning crema converge.

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Bulk Ingriedient

12g Espresso Blend Coffee

Additive Ingridient - 1

.015g Carolina Reaper

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