Decaf French Roast Coffee w/ Mushroom

Decaf French Roast – A dark roasted decaf to add more flavor than your average decaf. The dark roast brings out the full flavor of these large beans to make it a full-flavored decaf with Reishi Mushroom powder.

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Experience the Richness of Decaf French Roast with the Added Depth of Reishi Mushroom Powder – A Flavorful Decaf Delight

Delve into the exceptional blend of our Decaf French Roast infused with the remarkable richness of Reishi Mushroom powder. This dark roasted decaf coffee is meticulously crafted to offer a heightened flavor experience that surpasses your average decaf. The dark roast brings out the full essence of the large beans, while the addition of Reishi Mushroom powder adds depth and complexity, creating a full-flavored decaf coffee like no other.

Exceptional Flavor, Decaffeinated

Indulge in the richness and depth of our Decaf French Roast, a blend that defies the notion that decaf coffees lack flavor. The carefully selected beans undergo a dark roast that intensifies their natural characteristics, resulting in a robust and satisfying cup of coffee. Each sip reveals the remarkable depth and complexity that coffee enthusiasts crave.

Added Depth with Reishi Mushroom Powder

Unleash the captivating flavors of Reishi Mushroom powder in our Decaf French Roast. Revered for its health benefits and unique taste profile, Reishi Mushroom powder adds a new dimension to your coffee experience. The earthy and slightly nutty notes of the mushroom powder complement the dark roast, enhancing the overall flavor profile and providing an elevated sensory journey.

Crafted with Care and Expertise

At Butler Coffee Lab, we take pride in sourcing the finest coffee beans and exploring innovative flavor combinations. Our Decaf French Roast with Reishi Mushroom powder is meticulously created to deliver a decaf coffee experience that exceeds expectations. We are committed to providing you with a rich and flavorful decaf option that brings joy to your coffee rituals.

Embrace the Flavorful Decaf Delight

Discover the richness of our Decaf French Roast with the added depth of Reishi Mushroom powder from Butler Coffee Lab. Immerse yourself in the complexity of flavors that this blend offers. Let the dark roast reveal the full potential of the large beans, while the Reishi Mushroom powder adds a unique and satisfying element to your coffee experience.

Savor the robustness of our Decaf French Roast, enhanced with the remarkable depth of Reishi Mushroom powder. Embrace the flavors and benefits that this blend brings to your daily routine. Experience the fusion of flavor and wellness in a cup of decaf coffee that delivers a truly exceptional taste sensation.

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Bulk Ingriedient

10g Decaf French Roast Coffee

Additive Ingridient - 1

1g Reishi Mushroom Powder

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