Shu Puer Tea

This ripe puer tea is not your typical black tea. It has gone through a fermenting process that creates a smooth and earthy flavor with hints of

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Discover Ripe Puer Tea – Beyond Black, Beyond Expectations

Unleash your taste buds with our unique ripe Puer tea. This extraordinary brew goes beyond traditional black tea, undergoing fermentation to create a smooth, earthy flavor. With hints of peppermint, licorice, and clove, this tea offers a captivating and refined taste experience.

A World of Unconventional Flavor

Experience tea like never before. Our ripe Puer tea breaks boundaries, revealing a depth and complexity that captivates. The meticulous fermentation process brings forth a rich, earthy profile, offering a bold and refined journey for your senses.

Harmony in Every Sip

Immerse yourself in the exquisite blend of flavors within each cup. Discover subtle notes of peppermint, the sweetness of licorice, and the warmth of clove. This symphony of taste creates a soothing yet invigorating tea experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Crafted with Passion

At Butler Coffee Lab, we source only the finest teas, and our ripe Puer tea is no exception. With each leaf carefully fermented, we ensure a masterpiece of flavor in every cup. Our commitment to excellence guarantees an unforgettable taste sensation.

Embrace the Extraordinary

Expand your tea horizons with our ripe Puer tea. Let its smooth, earthy essence transport you to new realms of taste and aroma. Experience the delicate interplay of flavors, from refreshing peppermint to the enticing notes of licorice and clove.

Experience the allure of ripe Puer tea from Butler Coffee Lab. Elevate your tea rituals and discover captivating flavors that redefine black tea. peppermint, licorice, and clove.

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